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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Where's The Support?
Perused the CCA website today.

Where's their discussion and outrage about Sea Bass???

Where's their support of the suit??? (Granted, they filed their own Grouper lawsuit but even verbal support would be nice)

The have a chapter in NY, where's the CCA support of it's members and anglers???

Same place it has always been in my experience, somewhere other than here!

Perused the JCAA website.

Where's their support of the RFA and the lawsuit?????

There is mention of the closure of course, and I know JCAA will be there alongside UB and RFA fighting at the council and Commission level (thank you guys) but why no movement to help out it's members and other anglers? Where's the "unity" that I have been hearing so much about from various JCAA people? Or do I have to wait till Oct. 24th to find out what to do?

Perused the NJOA website. We've seen lots of posts on here by the "NJOA Chairman" about the Sea Bass closure and the NJOA rally, yet oddly there is not ONE SINGLE MENTION OF THE SEA BASS LAWSUIT anywhere to be found on the NJOA website.

There is no mention of ANYTHING related to our problem with the Sea Bass closure, but lots of talk about Trenton, NJ

How will THEY be remembered?

Perhaps it's time to stop worrying about how "we will be remembered" and worry about ACTUALLY HELPING FIGHT THE PROBLEM.

Perhaps it's time to stop trying to drum up support for a rally that has absolutely nothing to do with the sea bass closure (and, stop using said closure to drum up support) and it's time to actually support those who are ALREADY FIGHTING THE FIGHT....WAITING FOR THE REST OF YOU TO CATCH UP!!

Or, maybe it's time to march on Trenton

If my comments seem a bit harsh, they are meant to be.To steal and change a quote from a movie: " This is a time for serious people, and their 15 minutes is up." We need help NOW, not waiting a couple of weeks to hold rally's or a couple months to poll membership one at a time yadda yadda.

It's time to act, and act definitively, decisively and swiftly.

It's not just your hobby, it's not just your job, it's not just your family business, it's not just my family business (although it is my family business ) but it is ALL OF OUR HOBBIES AND ALL OF OUR BUSINESSES.

We are either in this together or we are finished, period.
The Sea Bass lawsuit is only the first shot in what must be a full broadside, otherwise this is all just a waste of time, and it's time for me to simply run my riverboats and work with computers.

Either way I'll still be standing, question is will anyone who fishes be able to see me or will they, like me, simply move on to something else?
11:49 am est

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The newest threat.

The latest threat to our industry and recreational fishing in general is the unprecedented move by NMFS to close the recreational Sea Bass fishery for six months, based on nothing but the faulty MRFSS data.

Check out the "Latest News" section for more and click on the "Fighting the Sea Bass Closure" link to see how you can help.

1:02 pm est

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