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Oceans Of Abundance

Oceans of Jellyfish? or Oceans of Abundance?
That's the catch phrase of this report. I say, "Oceans of Abundance? or An Abundance of half-truths, spin and mis-direction!"

This report is the basis for President Obama's plan for our fisheries.
Just a quick read through show's just how ridiculous this document is, and just how dangerous.
Making reference to "Dr. Worm's" study from a few years ago, the report talks about how wonderful it will be when fishermen have to pay for their share of a fishery. How the fisheries will be much better off when they are sold to the highest bidder.
Read the report, decide for yourself, and understand that this is what we are going to be forced into unless fishermen across the country unite to fight the attempts of the extreme Environmentalists and Anti-Fishing Lobby to eliminate fishing as we know it.

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